AGORADA 2019: Exploiting the full potential of social enterprises
Residence Palace. Brussels, 26-27th MARCH, 2019
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The Interreg Europe project consortium Social Seeds, Social Economy Europe, Industrial Modernisation Platform on Social Economy and Reconfirm Initiative together with the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) are very pleased to invite you to AGORADA 2019: “Exploiting the full potential of social enterprises”. As the title suggests, this international conference gathers development practitioners, experts and policy makers to take up the following challenge: how policies, programmes and structures can make a difference to support social enterprises. Social enterprises are agents of inclusive growth and democratisation of the economic and social spheres. They are natural allies for governments. However, governments are not always able to address challenges to help social enterprises flourish.
Among the many challenges: start-up, scale-up, finance, internationalisation, up-skilling, and innovation, proved to be very complex, and thus they will deserve a speci
fic attention during the conference.
AGORADA 2019 fosters solution-oriented exchange, enables networking and brings local and regional agents of development closer to the EU institutions and opportunities. ​


The conference focuses on social enterprises and the ways development agencies can support their development. By doing so, it reaches out to RDAs, IAs, EU institutions, academia and of course micro, small, medium-, and large-sized social enterprises. AGORADA aims to think over existing policies, programmes and structures, while blueprinting innovative ones. Getting together EU programme managers and regional and local beneficiaries will also help development practitioners to deliver more impact in their territories.   


AGORADA gathers social enterprises and all those actors supporting their development. Practitioners, experts and policy makers are therefore especially welcome to join. As development is the common denominator of local, regional, national and European policies and programmes’ efforts, we recommend to all practitioners notwithstanding their scope of action to participate.  


Yearly regional practitioners working in development agencies meet two times in international conferences to share experiences and learn together about how to address common challenges:       

  • takes place in spring in Brussels to learn about how EU institutions and programmes support economic growth in relation to various thematic priorities;

  • takes place in autumn and it is yearly hosted by a diverse development agency - and thus in a different country - to specifically showcase good practices implemented in the very same territory.

The organisers of AGORADA 2019 have all proven record of supporting social enterprises at any level: local, regional, national and European. However, every organiser brings its own specific expertise, scope and network to help move forward social enterprises and their development agents Europe-wide.

Benefits to participate

This international conference is designed to deliver in one day, what the participants and their institutions only in weeks of work can achieve. AGORADA is exchanging, networking and making the most of current and upcoming opportunities. The wide diversity and unique concentration of high-level guests from the European Commission, umbrella organisations, top research institutions, innovative consultancies and of course development agencies and social enterprises makes AGORADA an event with tremendous potential.



Please register via this link. Since one of the main purposes of the event is to foster networking and professional relationships, we encourage you to upload a profile picture to allow the rest of participants to know you better beforehand!

If you are a member of EURADA and are going to participate in our General Assembly that will take place at EURADA´s premises the 27th of March, you should ALSO register here.